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01/29/2021 Update

posted Feb 1, 2021, 8:50 AM by Cynthia Sylvester   [ updated Jul 1, 2021, 1:02 PM ]

eSRA System updates implemented January 29, 2021:

There were no system updates this month, but we’ve made substantial updates to the eLearning system and the eSRA informational Website.


eLearning Modules published Jan 1, 2021 on the Lab’s Training Website

eSRA 2001 Navigation Basics~ 20 minutes (update for the Portal 9 look & feel and navigation changes)

eSRA 6900 DOE Funding and eSRA ~ 20 minutes (incorporates DOE Project Creation)

eSRA 9000 Proposal Development Overview ~ 30 minutes (new)

eSRA 9300 Overview of Awards ~ 15minutes (new)

eSRA 9390 Bridge Funding Overview ~ 10 minutes (new)

eSRA 9400 Award Modification ~ 15 minutes (new)

All prior eLearning modules have been discontinued.  If you have questions about any of the discontinued courses, please contact Cynthia Sylvester at or by phone at 510-486-5938


Informational Website ( Updates: (since the last announcement, December 11, 2020)

Forms page

Supplemental Info by Topics page

The following documents have been removed from the website after incorporating the content into a Desk Guide or other training process:

Incorporated into SPP Awards Desk Guide:

  • Award Notifications QR 5301

  • Change CO on Proposals & Awards QR5510

  • Deliverables QR5325 

  • eSRA High Level Workflow 

  • Financial Closeout Process for CA QR5493 

  • Financial Closeout for RA QR5491 

  • Grant-Contract Closeout Process QR5492 

  • Navigation tips - Linked Awards (PowerPoint)

Incorporated into SPP Award Modifications Desk Guide:

  • Award Modifications - Overview for Divisions (PowerPoint course 5400)

  • Bridge Requests QR5410

  • Modifications Types

  • Re-Budget Modification eSR5425

Incorporated in SPP Non-Federal Proposal Desk Guide:

  • Change CO on Proposals & Awards QR5510

  • Create Document for Manual Submission QR5005

  • Merge Word Document QR2025

  • PI Review and Approval QR5102

  • Request New Sponsor QR2051 (and also in Sponsor Desk Guide)

Incorporated into CRADA Desk Guide:

  • CRADA Proposals for RAs QR6710

Incorporated into Gifts Desk Guide:

  • Gifts Overveiw eSRA 6802 Tutorial

  • Gifts for the RA Role eSRA 6803 Tutorial

Incorporated into Human Subjects & Animal Research Desk Guide:

  • Human and Animal Certifications for HARC Staff (PowerPoint course 5605)

  • Human and Animal Certifications for RAs (PowerPoint course 5260) 

  • PI IACUC CRF Approval QR5263

  • PI IRB Approval QR5264

Incorporated into DOE Direct Annual Budget Formulation Desk Guide & the Annual Budget Kick-off meeting:

  • DOE Project Creation 2019 

Incorporated into eLearning modules

  • eSRA and COGNOS

  • Report Section for Resource Analysts 

Curriculum for Contracts Officers page:  

  • Removed obsolete eLearning Modules:

    • 5300 - Overview of Awards in eSRA (replaced with 9300 - Overview of Awards)

    • 5390 - Bridge Funding Request Process (replaced with 9390 - Bridge Funding Overview)

    • 5730 - Non-Standard Financial Terms (incorporated into SPP Awards Desk Guide)

    • 6300 - Basic Functionality for User Agreements (obsolete - will provide individual training as needed)

    • 6600 - Basic Functionality for M&O Contractors (obsolete - will provide individual training as needed)

  • Added new eLearning modules and included direct link to the training modules

    • 2001 - eSRA Navigation Basics (course updated January 2021)

    • 9000 - Proposal Development Overview

    • 9300 - Overview of Awards

    • 9390 - Bridge Funding Overview

    • 9400 - Award Modifications

  • Removed other Documents 

    • 5670 - CO Humans and Animals (incorporated into Human Subjects and Animal Research Desk Guide)

    • 5935 - CO Human & Animal Certifications on Mods (incorporated into Human Subjects and Animal Research Desk Guide)

    • 5902 - Modification Types (incorporated in the SPP Award Modifications Desk Guide)

    • 6307 - CRADA Closeouts for IPO (incorporated in the CRADA Desk Guide)

    • 6702 - CRADAs for Contracts Officers

    • Sponsor Reference Number Desk Guide (incorporated in the SPP Awards Desk Guide)

Curriculum for Principal Investigators page:

We did a complete update to include links to all the eLearning modules, information about the Desk Guides, how to get the PI role in eSRA, and instructions about how to get help.

Curriculum for Resource Analysts page:

We did a complete update to include links to all the eLearning modules, information about the eSRA Training Strategy, a link to the OCFO Intranet resources for Resource Analysts, and instructions about how to get help.  

  • Removed the following Documents:

    • 5260 - Human & Animal Certifications for Resource Analysts (incorporated into Human Subjects and Animal Research Desk Guide)

    • 6701 - CRADAs for Resource Analysts (incorporated into the CRADA Desk Guide)

If you have questions or concerns, please contact