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02/26/2021 Update

posted Feb 26, 2021, 7:33 AM by Cynthia Sylvester

eSRA System updates implemented February 26, 2021:

Please remember to clear the cache on your browser to obtain the best operations for system updates.

General SPP and CRADA Improvements

  • In response to new DOE mandate, updated the CRADA Closeout process: 

    • Enabling Yeen to utilizing Deliverables to request the Final CRADA Report before the award expiration date. 

    • Enabling a variety of CRADA closeout activities in additional states to complete the Final CRADA Report processes.

    • Added notifications to Yeen for new CRADA awards and modifications to assist with creating and updating the CRADA Closeout Deliverables.

  • Updated the notifications requesting the PI complete and submit a CRF to link to the Human Subjects and Animal Use Desk Guide for detailed information.

  • Updated the notifications when Export Control is approved to only send email to BASO if Export Control was required because of a foreign sponsor.

If you have questions about the system changes, please contact 


Informational Website ( Updates: (since the last announcement, January 29, 2021)

Forms page

Supplemental Info by Topics page

Curriculum for Principal Investigators page

The following documents have been removed from the website after incorporating the content into a Desk Guide or other training process:

Incorporated into Export Control - Guidance for PIs:

  • Export Controls Questionnaire - QR5106

  • Export Controls PI Acknowledgement - QR5105

If you have questions or concerns about documentation, please contact