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02/28/2018 Update

posted Mar 1, 2018, 7:55 AM by Cynthia Sylvester

eSRA System updates implemented February 28, 2018:

Enhancements & System Design Fixes

  • CRADA Amendment Processes added in eSRA:  (CRADA Desk Guide reflects the changes.)

    • Updated View 8.7 to include uploading CRADA Amendment documents

    • New activity for Contracts Officers to Upload the Amendment Document instead of a signed JWS.

    • New activity for Contracts Officers to Submit CRADA Amendment to BSO.

  • Added three new options to the NSFT process:

    • Spend in California requirements

    • California Based Entity requirements

    • Maximum Billing Rates restrictions

  • Updated Word Merge Letter documents

    • DOE Eligibility Letter (to correctly include the FOA references)

    • Homeland Security (removed obsolete URL)

    • NIH Late Submission Transmittal Letter (minor changes)

    • CEC Direct Word Merge (minor changes)

Streamlining Optimizations: Details are available on the eSRA website

  • Modification changes:

    • CO now has full list of modifications types available and no longer needs to use ‘Create Modification Request’ to use the division’s set of modification types.

    • First page of modifications (for all roles) has additional help text

  • For Gifts:

    • View 8.6 – Upload Gift Documents

    • View 7.1.M – Gifts DOE Info

    • View 7.1.ME – Equipment Gift Info

    • Enter Basic Equipment Info

    • Enter Basic Gift Info

    • Notified UCOP

  • General Activities (used in Proposals, Awards, and Modifications)

    • Email Proposal/Award Team

    • Log General or CO Comment

    • Edit RAs or TAs

    • Merge Word Documents

    • Re-assign CO or CO Reviewer

  • Proposal Activities:

    • New: Upload Additional Internal Documents

    • Submit to PI

    • Approve Fabrication Rate

    • For Fellowships:

      • Approvals by the Fellow and Mentor

      • Request Fellowship IDC Waiver

    • Proposal Processing by the CO

      • Enter Negotiations

      • Negotiations Complete

    • Processing Proposals not Awarded:

      • Discontinue Proposal

      • Submission Rejected

      • Withdrawn

      • Reinstate Proposal


Informational Website ( Updates:(since the last announcement, November 17, 2017)

  • Special Announcement: 1/16/18 SF424 System Upgrade for NIH Adobe Forms E

  • Special Announcement: 1/16/18 System Upgrade

Supplemental Info by Topics page

  • CRADA Desk Guide: (updated)

    • new information about CRADA Amendments

    • updated Table of Contents removing blank pages

  • DOE Eligibility Letter V4 (updated from V3) explaining the importance and reason for these required letters.

  • PI Change Desk Guide for eSRA (updated page 4)

    • Added information about PI Changes on Gifts

  • Upload Subaward Budgets for Application QR5014 (updated)

    • Revised based on new functionality included in the January SF424 system upgrade.

  • Various Sponsors QR2053 (updated)

    • Added info: What do I do if the proposal has been submitted to the sponsor and is no longer editable?

Forms page

  • 700_U_2017_2018_Form.pdf (replaces the 2016-2017 Word Merge form that was removed)

  • eSRA_Equipment_Gift_Approval_Form_for_co-PIs (updated)

  • eSRA_Gift_Approval_Form_for_co-PIs (updated)

  • Request for Shared Cost Support form (new)

FAQ page

  • Updated the section

    • New section for Changes – November 2017 including several FAQs related to the changes implemented by

    • New section for collaborating with agencies submitting using Workspace

    • Reviewed all FAQs based on the recent updates to and NIH Adobe E forms, and updated where needed.

If you have questions or concerns, please contact