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04/01/2019 Update

posted Apr 1, 2019, 11:01 AM by Cynthia Sylvester

Dear eSRA Users,

Please remember to clear the cache on your browser to obtain the best operations for system updates.

eSRA System updates implemented April 1, 2019:

Major New Development for DOE Direct Proposals

  • Full development for DOE Proposals (including Non-SC and

  • Enhancements related to the Annual Budget Call and Placeholder Proposals

  • Process improvement to Project Creation proposals to capture NEPA-CEQA requirements

  • More than 500 Streamlining Improvements for DOE Views and Activities

  • An overview plus three step-by-step Desk Guides are posted for the new processes (see below) replacing eLearning modules

SPP, CRADA, Gifts, etc. changes resulting from new DOE Development

  • View 1, question 1.f - Project Purpose moved to View 2.0 (posted help text to notify users about the change of location)

  • View 1, new question 1.i.1 - All Post Award RAs

  • View 2, question 2.e.1 - Project Purpose has been moved from View 1.0 and conditionally displayed only for SPP, DOE Field Offices, DOE National Labs, and CRADA proposals

  • View 7.0 (PI questions) - final National and Homeland Security question will be auto-filled based on new specifications on the Company Profile provided by John Valentine.  [Note: Proposals already started and the question has been answered will not benefit from this new functionality.] If either the Direct or Prime Sponsor is part of this group, the answer will auto-fill to ‘yes’

  • View 7.2.a - LBNL Buildings:  List was updated to remove buildings based on a review by Jeff Philliber

  • DOE Eligibility Letters

    • Request recorded on the Approvals Tab and displayed in the inbox at BASO

    • New activity available for BASO to sign and route it back to the RA also updating the Approvals Tab

    • Improved the instructions for use by SPP and DOE proposals

For Contracts Officers

  • Updated activity for CRADA Amendments submitted to BASO to update the institutional approval tab.

  • Updated the Word templates for the Directorate Gift Acceptance letters.

  • Updated the Word templates for Department of Homeland Security and Federal Submission transmittal letters. Applications only

  • Updated mapping to resolve company name for non-LBNL locations issue.

  • Updated mapping for DOE proposals as part of the new development.

  • Improved help text in the eSRA questions to reference standard locations for data going into the applications.

For Official Use Only documents are being removed from historical references and replaced with a generic document referring eSRA users to the SPO CO or Manager.  Questions about this should be directed to SPO.


Informational Website ( Updates: (since the last announcement, December 14, 2018)

Supplemental Info by Topics page

  • Gift Desk Guide (updated) January: updated to add overview of routing process, re-formatted, and preliminary changes to the closeout process; February: final changes to the closeout process including managing gifts with negative balances, and changing IPO to SPO

  • DOE Direct Overview Desk Guide (new)

  • DOE Direct Annual Budget Formulation Desk Guide (new)

  • DOE Direct Proposal Desk Guide (new)

  • DOE Direct Project Creation Desk Guide (new)

  • Type and Targets QR2008 (updated)

  • States in eSRA QR2006 (udpated)

  • DOE Zoom Training - PowerPoint slides will be posted after the April 2 training sessions

    • DOE Annual Budget Formulation 2019

    • DOE Project Creation 2019

    • DOE Proposals 2019

    • DOE 2019

If you have questions or concerns, please contact

The eSRA Team