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06/29/2018 Update

posted Jun 29, 2018, 7:04 AM by Cynthia Sylvester   [ updated Jun 29, 2018, 7:05 AM ]
Please remember to clear the cache on your browser to obtain the best operations for system updates.

eSRA System updates implemented June 29, 2018:

System Updates

  • New Functionality: When award is closed in eSRA, the proposal state will change to ‘Proposal Award Closed’ for all proposals linked to the award.

  • Updated the modification activity, ‘Request Approval for Non-Std Financial Terms’ so it is only available in the ‘CO Review Modification’ state.

  • Updated processes to bring the 737 Report in-synch with eSRA.

  • Updated proposal branching on fellowships and federal non-competing continuations.

  • Removed ‘Non Std Financial Terms Bridge (FasTrak)’ from the RA modification options.

CRADA Post Go-Live Improvements

  • Updated the notification on the ‘Request CRADA Final Report’ activity.

Streamlining Optimizations: Details are available on the eSRA website

  • Company Profiles

    • Updated the Workspace Tabs

    • Company Profile Activities

      • OCO Notes

      • Log Sponsor Administrator Comments

      • Cancel Request New Sponsor

      • Update Sponsor Data by CA

  • Proposal Activities

    • Approve Non-Compete for CO Review

    • Approve Non-Compete Fellowship for CO Review

    • Request Fellowship Changes from Proposal Team

    • Approve Tech Transfer

    • Request DOE Approval of Non-standard Negotiated Terms

    • Create Document for Manual Submission

  • Modifications Activities

    • Approve Modification (PI)

    • Request Changes (PI)

    • Request Changes (CO)

    • Reject Modification

    • Submit COI Approval

    • Submit Award Modification (NSFT Bridge Requests Only)

    • Take Ownership

    • Division Requests Changes

    • Submit Changes to Division

    • Discontinue Modification

    • Request DOE Approval of Non-Standard Negotiated Terms

    • DOE Request Changes


Informational Website ( Updates:(since the last announcement, May 28, 2018)

Supplemental Info by Topics page

  • NIH 2nd NCS QR5103 (new)

  • Type and Target QR2008 (revised document)

Curriculum for Contract Officers page

  • Hands-on Awards and Mods for COs updated for NSFT changes eSR5805 (replaces previous version)

If you have questions or concerns, please contact

The eSRA Team