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07/24/2019 Update

posted Jul 24, 2019, 7:16 AM by Cynthia Sylvester

eSRA System updates implemented July 24, 2018:

DOE Direct Stabilization Items

  • Removed all Deliverable-related activities from DOE Projects.

  • Removed Request DOE Eligibility Letter and Create Revised FWP activities from Project Creation proposal types.

  • Updated the properties for proposals in the Placeholder Submitted state so the proposal is not editable.

  • Stabilized the DOE Eligibility Letter and FWP statuses on the Activities tab.

  • Updated the RA Dashboard Proposals tab to include proposals in all the newly introduced DOE states.

SPO and/or BASO Enhancement Requests

  • Updated the JWS template to replace Elsie Quaite-Randall with Todd Pray.

  • Updated DOE Eligibility Letters to add the FP# in the subject line for reference.

System Updates

  • Marked LBNL Award Types F6-Federal DOD CMRP-Trng/Flwshp and F8Federal DOD CMRP ? Career Deve inactive for selection.  (Those are grant-type awards and DOD now only award Interagency Agreements.) 

  • Added notification to the Create New Sponsor activity so all members of the Sponsor Administration team in the Budget Office know when a new sponsor is created.

  • Updated workflow for new F9-DOD Weapons Activities award to include CA Review.


Informational Website ( Updates: (since the last announcement, June 7, 2019)

FAQ and Troubleshooting page

  • All FAQs were reviewed for current relevancy.

  • Organization changes were made to remove duplicated information:

    • DOE Proposals and Funding Proposals were combined into the following:
      Proposal Workflow
      People & Roles

    • PI Set-up was incorporated into the new broader section for People & Roles

    • Other was eliminated with the information moved into other sections

  • One new section was created:

    • Navigation

Supplemental Info by Topics page

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