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07/30/2021 Update

posted Jul 30, 2021, 7:04 AM by Cynthia Sylvester

Please remember to clear the cache on your browser to obtain the best operations for system updates.

eSRA System updates implemented July 30, 2021:

System Improvement

  • CP00000593 - DOE HEADQUARTERS profile made obsolete so it cannot be selected for new proposals. Users need to select specific DOE Office.  If you have questions about this update, Contact Cynthia Sylvester directly.

SPO/BASO Improvements

  • To address a system gap on foreign CRADA proposals, when the JWS is approved, the approval will be recorded on both the DOE JWS and DOE-IP approvals to better facilitate the overall BASO review process.

  • When a CRADA amendment is submitted to BASO with a foreign direct or prime sponsor, the foreign approval will automatically change to ‘Pending Approval’ without the requirement to submit the Foreign SC worksheet.

General Proposal Improvements

  • New Option for DOE National Lab (M&O Contractor) proposals: 

    • Choose Other DOE Lab with Flow-Thru in 1.a.2 to include View 3.4 in the proposals to identify the Prime Sponsor when there is one.

  • Expanded availability of ‘Request Fellowship IDC Waiver’ activity.

  • Updated the notification to the PI/RA when the Division is requesting changes on a DOE Direct proposal.  The status of the proposal (draft/finalized) will not be displayed unless it is a submission.  

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