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08/07/2017 Update

posted Aug 7, 2017, 7:08 AM by Cynthia Sylvester

The following have been updated in since July 14, 2017.

CRADA Post-Go Live Stabilization Items:  (CRADA Desk Guide updated accordingly with page #s noted.)

  • Added validation when saving award or modification View 4.2 to provide warning so that monetary amounts cannot be accidentally added to Unfunded CRADAs. (Pages 74, 84, 86, and 91)
  • Updated the notification to the RIIO office when there are positive disclosures on CRADA COI forms to include the forms in the email notification
  • Updated guidance to RA/PI within the Request Background IP Review activity (Page 10) based on input from the Technology Commercialization Associates at IPO.
  • Updated the ‘Submit JWS to BSO’ activity: (Page 52)
    • Icon matches the other ‘Submit’ type of activities.
    • Clarified the information about what happens after clicking the ‘OK’ button.
  • Updated View 3.H – Sponsor & Funding Opportunity to clarify help text for zip code to use when the technical contact is coming onsite.  (Page 16)
  • Changed the LBNL Facilities Used question on View 7.0 and 7.0.L from multiple choice to single option. (Page 22) 
  • Fixed Bug: Fairness of Opportunity question was displaying code instead of the answer in the Printer Version and View Submission version of the proposal.
  • Other updates to the CRADA Desk Guide based on feedback from users:
    • The terms ‘Participant’ and ‘Party’ are used interchangeably within the Desk Guide and both refer to signers of the CRADA Agreement other than LBNL.
    • Clarified Multi-Party CRADAs refers to parties to the Agreement, not just industry Participants. 

Streamlining Optimizations: Details are available on the eSRA website

  • View 2 – LBNL General Purpose Information
  • All versions of View 4 – Research Personnel plus the personnel pop-up views to add people Website Updates:

Changed the heading in the left navigation bar from ‘Contact Us & Get Help’ to ‘Contact Us & Training Resources’ to provide better clarity about the location of training documentation.

·       Supplemental Topics page

  • Advanced Searching and Filtering QR2007 (new)
  • CRADA Desk Guide for eSRA to reflect the Post Go-Live Stabilization updates specified above.
  • PI Change Desk Guide for eSRA updated to reflect IPO business process change request to require the Gift Approval form be signed by the new PI for any gift and uploaded on the PI Change View.
  • States in eSRA QR2006 (minor update)
  • Project Purpose QR2027 (minor update)

·       Forms page

  • CRADA Final Report Form (new posting)
  • eSRA Gift Approval Form (updated to reflect business process change)
  • eSRA Equipment Gift Approval Form (updated to reflect business process change)

·       FAQ and Troubleshooting page of

  • Moved the postings from the ‘Funding Proposals FAQ’ page to a new page for clarity