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08/27/2019 Update

posted Aug 27, 2019, 6:53 AM by Cynthia Sylvester

Dear eSRA Users,

Please remember to clear the cache on your browser to obtain the best operations for system updates.

New eLearning modules were posted for DOE.  These are required courses for new Resource Analysts, but experienced Resource Analysts might want to re-take the classes as a refresher.  Each is less than ½ hour. The direct links are provided here:

eSRA System updates implemented August 27, 2018:

SPO and/or BASO Enhancement Requests

  • Updated the Foreign Work Analysis Template to include the contact information provided in View 7.0-PIN-F of the proposal.

  • Updated proposal branching and institutional approval requirements to include View 7.0-PIN-F for foreign proposals if the direct or prime sponsor is foreign.  

    • If the direct sponsor is domestic, but the prime sponsor is foreign, the RA/PI will need to answer questions on both the foreign and domestic Views.

    • Foreign review by BASO will be set to ‘Pending Request’ if either the direct or prime sponsor is foreign, and all related activities will be available to the SPO CO and BASO approvers.

    • A new display-only question is added to View 6.8 to display separately whether the direct or prime sponsor is foreign based on their set-up in the Company Profile.

    • [Note: Export Control review is not affected.  Export Control began approving both direct and prime sponsors last year.]

  • Updated activity names from BSO to BASO including the text of the activity, and where applicable, updated IPO to SPO on those same activities.

  • Updated some roles and dashboards from BSO to BASO.

System Updates

  • To fix an approval routing bug reported by the Budget Office, we’ve updated the Bridge process to default the policy exception answer for the Contracts Officer based on the information provided by the RA when making the request.


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