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08/31/2018 Updated

posted Sep 4, 2018, 7:26 AM by Cynthia Sylvester

eSRA System updates implemented August 31, 2018:

System Updates

  • (NEW) Foreign proposals submitted to DOE HQ added functionality that tracks the date BSO submits Foreign Proposals for HQ review

    • Foreign HQ Review status added to DOE Foreign row on the Approvals Tab

    • Submitted Foreign Proposal to HQ activity available to the DOE Proposal Reviewer and DOE Administration roles to record submission to HQ

  • Submit Foreign Sponsor to DOE is now available if the direct or prime sponsor is foreign to accommodate special circumstances.  [Note: Confirm the RA entered data in View 7.0-PIN-F for Foreign proposals before using the activity.  If needed, refer the RA to the Help Desk.]

  • IP JWS Approval (for CRADAs) now available in the ‘Award Pending’ state

Streamlining Optimizations: Details are available on the eSRA website

  • Proposal Activities

    • Contract Officers

      • Submit Exhibit F Only

      • Submit Foreign Sponsor to DOE

    • Principal Investigator

      • Approve for Non-Competing Continuations

    • Equipment Gifts

      • Approve Equipment Gift by PI

      • Division Property Rep Review Complete

  • Renamed some user roles for clarity

  • Dashboard Templates for all roles:

    • Added informational text

    • Reviewed (and updated, if necessary) headings

    • Enabled filter bar, if it was missing

    • Reviewed (and updated, if necessary) the states in the workflow that are displayed

  • Additional updates for the following roles:

    • HARC Roles: Animals, Human Subjects, AWRC Committee Member, IRB Committee Member

    • BSO SPP and CRADA Roles: BSO JWS, DOE Administration, DOE FAC, DOE IP Reviewer, DOE NEPA Reviewer, DOE Non-Std, DOE Proposal, DOE Science

    • Gift Processing Roles: BSO Gift Reviewer, Directorate, Division Property Rep, DOE Award, EHS Property Reviewer, General Accounting, Gift Administrator, OCFO Property Reviewer

    • CFO

    • Contracts Officer

    • Division Reviewer

    • DOE IP Approver

    • DOE Proposal

    • Indirect Approval

    • Principal Investigator

    • Proposal to Closeout

    • Resource Analyst

    • Sponsor Administrator


Informational Website ( Updates:(since the last announcement, July 27, 2018)

FAQ and Troubleshooting page

  • Other: Why can’t I view an electronic signature on an uploaded document?

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