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08/31/2020 Update

posted Sep 1, 2020, 11:29 AM by Cynthia Sylvester

eSRA System updates implemented August 31, 2020:

System Upgrade

  • The eSRA Application was upgraded to a new version Portal 9.  Please note: eSRA system has a new URL / Weblink: and you will need to re-set your bookmarks.

  • Users will see some improvements to navigation, validation, and changes in the look and feel.  Click here to see a visual summary and detailed list of the new look.

In addition to the version upgrade, the updates below were implemented

General SPP and CRADA Improvements

  • Resolved issues with Fellowship IDC Waiver requests

  • Improved the availability of the Over Salary Cap requests and approvals

  • Updated all monetary fields to display dollars and cents

  • Resolved conditional display regarding the Applied Nuclear Physics question

  • Added help text related to employee affiliations

  • Updated the PI Inbox for the Mentor on Fellowship proposals

General DOE Improvements

  • Added the Multiple-PI Assurance field to DOE proposals

  • Removed the activity Review Documents for DOE Submission if the FWP questions is ‘no’

Export Control Enhancement Stabilization Improvements

  • Updated the PI activity Export Controls Questionnaire to include all of the DOE proposal states

  • Updated the PI activity PI Acknowledges Export Controls to include all of the DOE proposal states

  • Updated the notifications to PI to complete the Export Controls Questionnaire if the Lead Organization on a DOE proposal is foreign

  • Automated Export Control Review when the Lead Organization on a DOE proposal is foreign

BASO Enhancements

  • New version of Eligibility letter for SPP and a separate one for DOE proposals uploaded into June 25th  

  • Updated the DOE Proposal Tab with information about foreign Prime Sponsors

  • Updated the DOE Proposal Dashboard to identify both Direct and Prime Foreign Sponsors

SPO Enhancements

  • CO Administrator Dashboard Inbox updated to exclude Unfunded Users

  • Contract Officer Dashboard updated to add a tab for Expired Unfunded User Agreements to facilitate the automatic extension and closeout processes

  • Contract Officer Dashboard updated the Modifications Tab to display modifications with the current CO for the modification when a different CO takes ownership of the modification Improvements

  • Upgraded the Fellowship Field of Training codes

  • Upgraded to the new state and country code requirements of

  • Navigation link from the SF424 application back to the eSRA proposal


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