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10/17/2017 Update

posted Oct 16, 2017, 6:52 AM by Cynthia Sylvester

Please remember to clear the cache on your browser to obtain the best operations for system updates.

eSRA System updates implemented October 16, 2017:

Streamlining Optimizations: Details are available on the eSRA website

  • View 3.0 – Funding Opportunity and Proposal Submission
  • View 3.1 – Proposal Forms
  • View 3.4 – Sponsor & Funding Opportunity
  • View 3.H – Sponsor & Funding Opportunity (not
  • 3.K – Sponsor Only
  • 3.N – DOE Direct, not
  • 6.8 –Non-Federal Proposals
  • View 8.5 – Proposal Documents
  • View 9.3 – Budget Summary Information (all versions of 9.3)
  • User Facility-specific Optimizations
  • MLA/ILA-specific Optimizations

System Design and Bug Fixes

  • Related B&R Code 830404000 - Liabilities is only available for MLA/ILA proposals
  • Updating Post Award RA in eSRA will not update FMS
  • Fixed problem with subaward values clearing when using the activity 'Update SF424.'
  • Updated the Disclosure of Intellectual Property Form to correct the UCOP website reference for DOE-Direct proposals.
  • Related to Gifts
    • Updated the language on the Gift Approval Form in the following locations:
      • PI Approval activity
      • Gift Approval Form created by eSRA when the Division accepts the Gift
      • Gift Form posted on the eSRA website (for use with PI Change Modifications)
    • Updated the Directorate Word Merge Letters Website Updates: (since the last announcement, August 7, 2017)

Supplemental Topics page

  • Create Document for Manual Submission QR5005 (new)
  • Gifts Desk Guide - updated with page #s noted:
    • Clarification added about 700-U requirements for original signatures (page 6)
    • 700-U and UDev 100 Merge files now available (page 6)
    • Updated to reflect 'New' is acceptable answers to question 2.d (page 7)
    • Updates to the Interest Allocation Process (page 29)
    • Clarification added to Costs are Final for Gifts (page 30)
    • Updates to Gift Closeout Process (pages 31-32)
  • Sponsor Reference Number Desk Guide (moved to the Curriculum By Role - Contracts Office page)

Forms page

  • CRADA COI Form Word Merge Version (new)
  • 700-U 2016-2017 WordMerge (new)
  • LBNL UDEV100 WordMerge (new)
  • eSRA_Gift_Approval_Form used for PI Changes on Gifts (updated)

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