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11/23/2016 Update

posted Nov 22, 2016, 1:39 PM by Cynthia Sylvester

We implemented certain updates to the eSRA system on November 23, 2016.  The updates were based on feedback received from eSRA users.  Below is a summary of the implemented updates that you may notice:

Post Go-Live updates for Gifts: (Note these changes have been incorporated into the Desk Guide and a revised version re-posted.)

·        Initial notification to the PI updated to include information about keeping track of spending and report to IPO upon request.

·        BSO Gift Reviewer included on notification if BSO rejects a gift.

·        Updated/corrected content of the notification to General Accounting when Costs are Final.


Functionality of particular interest to Resource Analysts (RAs):

·        The RA personal workspace has been updated as follows:

o   Proposals tab:  lists all proposals, regardless of the state where you are listed as one of the proposal or post-award RAs on the proposal.

o   Awards in Preparation tab: lists all awards in one of the preparation states where you are listed as one of the post-award RAs on the award.

o   Awards tab: lists all active, expired, and closed awards (including the various closeout process states) where you are listed as one of the post-award RAs on the award.

·        Deliverable activities (‘Update Individual Deliverables’ and ‘Complete Deliverable’) are now available in the ‘Award Closed’ state to enable recording deliverables even if the award has already been closed.

·        Upgrade to the SF424 modules should resolve the following problems you have reported:

o   Generate SF424 PDF not displaying all files on the K99 applications.

o   Update SF424 activity removing the Cumulative Inclusion Enrollment Report from the SF424 application package.

Functionality of particular interest to Contract Officers (COs):

·        The Foreign Work Analysis worksheet document and the activity used to send the foreign proposal to BSO is updated to include the PI’s email address and phone number.

·        Corrected the instructional information on the ‘Request DOE Signature’ activity based on the changes implemented November 7th.

·        Corrected the new activity ‘Send Edited Reconciliation Sheet’ so it displays in the history section.