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12/20/2019 Update

posted Jan 6, 2020, 9:01 AM by Cynthia Sylvester

Please remember to clear the cache on your browser to obtain the best operations for system updates.

eSRA System updates implemented December 20, 2019:

System Updates

  •  ‘New Submission’ button has been removed from the PI Dashboard.  It was never intended for the PI to be able to start a proposal without the training, policy, and technical expertise of the Resource Analyst.

  • All fields on the Company Profile are editable by the Sponsor Administrator only after the Company Profile has been approved.

  • By request from IPO, the Tech Transfer notification has been removed from the ‘Division Approve for NIH’ activity.

  • New account for email: Export Control to be used with ‘Email Proposal Team’ or ‘Email Award Team’ similar to the various ‘Help’ email accounts.

  • New field for the ORCID has been added to the Researcher Profile based on new NIH requirements going into effect January 2020.

SPO Enhancements

  • FAC Wavier updates including minor changes to the DOE tab in the proposal workspace and updated language on the email notification to BASO.

Reports/Custom Queries

  • New custom query called Mod Status Report available on the Dashboard for Resource Analysts and Contracts Officers that provides information about modifications not yet approved.  Questions about this query can be directed to Cynthia Sylvester.


Informational Website ( Updates: (since the last announcement, November 8, 2019)

Curriculum for Contracts Officer page

  • Modification Types - QR5902 to clarify usage of the ‘Request to Change Start Date’ modification type

Forms page

If you have questions or concerns, please contact