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12/21/2016 Update

posted Dec 21, 2016, 7:38 AM by Cynthia Sylvester

We implemented certain updates to the eSRA system on December 21, 2016.  The updates were based on feedback received from eSRA users.  Below is a summary of the implemented updates that you may notice:

Changes of universal interest:

·        Updated Research Owning Org units where the existing unit no longer exists because of a re-organization.

·        Fixed bug that was hiding comments and email from some users.

Post Go-Live updates for Gifts: (Note these changes have been incorporated into the Desk Guide and re-posted on the eSRA website.)

·        Added two fields to View 7.1.M needed for completion of the UDV100:

o   wire/check number

o   date the wire/check was received at LBNL

·        Updated the language for BSO acceptance of gifts.

·        Updated the ‘BSO Rejects Gift’ activity to enable additional roles at BSO to reject gifts.

·        Updated the ‘Generate BSO Approval Letter’ activity to enable additional roles at BSO to generate the letter.

·        Added the DOE Administration role as email recipient on the ‘BSO Review of Gift Documentation Complete’ and ‘BSO Approve Gift Acceptance’ activities.

·        Corrected the BSO Approval letter template per BSO specifications.

Functionality of particular interest to Resource Analysts (RAs):

·        Fixed bug so only applicable Division Reviewer approval activity is only available in Division Review state.

·        Updated help text for the selection of Contracts Officer to include URL to the Budget Office website where Contract Officer assignments are updated.

·        Updated DOE Eligibility Letter template with Jacolyn Byrd’s signature line per BSO specifications.

Functionality of particular interest to Contract Officers (COs):

·        Updated modifications to skip the funding allocations View on the types of modifications where  funding allocations should not be added or updated. 

·        Updated the ‘Non-Competing Continuation Approved’ and ‘Supplement or Amendment Awarded’ activities to confirm all institutional approvals.