Curriculum for Resource Analysts

* = Required
! = Highly Recommended

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  Class # Title Presentation
*  ESR2001 eSRA Navigation BasicseLearning
* ESR5000 eSRA Proposal Development Overview

* ESR5011 Proposals for Resource Analysts  eLearning
* ESR5080 Non-Competing Continuations, Amendments & Supplements for Resource Analysts   eLearning
  ESR5260 Human & Animal Certifications for Resource Analysts & Principal Investigators
  Presentation attached below
* ESR5300 Overview of Awards in eSRA  eLearning
 ! ESR5320 Deliverables for Staff  eLearning
* ESR5390 Bridge Funding Request Process  eLearning
* ESR5400 Award Modifications - Overview for Divisions  eLearning
* ESR5730 Non-Standard Financial Terms  eLearning
      ESR6300     Basic Functionality for User Agreements  eLearning

 ESR6701  CRADAs for Resource Analysts    
Classroom at CRADA Go-Live:
PDF of PowerPoint attached below
* ESR6900 Introduction to DOE Proposals in eSRA     eLearning

 ESR6901 DOE Proposals to the Office of  Science  eLearning
  ESR6902 DOE Proposals to EERE, NNSA,  and Other DOE Offices  eLearning
     ESR6905 DOE Proposals Submitted via  eLearning
  ESR6906 DOE-Direct: Letters of Intent, Pre-Proposals and Full Technical Proposals  eLearning
* ESR6907 DOE Project Creation in eSRA  eLearning
  ESR6930 Basic Functionality for MLA/ILA Proposals   eLearning
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