Curriculum for Resource Analysts

* = Required
! = Highly Recommended

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  Class # Title Presentation
*  ESR2001 eSRA Navigation BasicseLearning
* ESR5000 eSRA Proposal Development Overview

* ESR5011 Proposals for Resource Analysts  eLearning
* ESR5080 Non-Competing Continuations, Amendments & Supplements for Resource Analysts   eLearning
  ESR5260 Human & Animal Certifications for Resource Analysts & Principal Investigators
  Presentation attached below
* ESR5300 Overview of Awards in eSRA  eLearning
 ! ESR5320 Deliverables for Staff  eLearning
* ESR5390 Bridge Funding Request Process  eLearning
* ESR5400 Award Modifications - Overview for Divisions  eLearning
* ESR5730 Non-Standard Financial Terms  eLearning
      ESR6300     Basic Functionality for User Agreements  eLearning

 ESR6701  CRADAs for Resource Analysts    
Classroom at CRADA Go-Live:
PDF of PowerPoint attached below
* ESR6900 Introduction to DOE Proposals in eSRA     eLearning
* ESR6907 DOE Project Creation in eSRA  eLearning
  ESR6930 Basic Functionality for MLA/ILA Proposals   eLearning
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