DOE Proposals

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  1. 1 Budgets & Period of Performance
    1. 1.1 I can't edit the DOE budget lines in 9.3.F or 9.PD.  
    2. 1.2 How do I change the end date on the Period of Performance?
  2. 2 Concerns about People
    1. 2.1 I can't find the people I need to add to my proposal.
    2. 2.2 I can’t find a scientist on the PI selection list.
    3. 2.3 The PI’s Research Division is incorrect on View 2.9 for the PI. 
    4. 2.4 Why is it important to update the Division in the proposal?
  3. 3 Other Proposal Data Fields
    1. 3.1 I can't find the location I want on the NEPA-CEQA Building drop-down list.
    2. 3.2 The Related B&R Code I need isn't on the list
  4. 4 Routing & Approvals
    1. 4.1 How can I tell where my proposal is in the review and approval process?
    2. 4.2 How can I tell who received notifications from the system?
    3. 4.3 The Link in Approval Request Notification email doesn’t work.
    4. 4.4 How can I Approve a Proposal when I’m Out of the Office? 
    5. 4.5 The proposal notification went to the wrong Division Reviewer.
    6. 4.6 BO requested changes, but I don’t see how to route it back to the BO.
  5. 5 The most DOE proposals through
    1. 5.1 Why was my account de-activated?  
    2. 5.2 Why does the proposal look so different than other DOE-Direct proposals?
  6. 6 Other Questions
    1. 6.1 Certification Review Forms (CRF)
    2. 6.2 Can I 'Un-Discontinue' a proposal? 
    3. 6.3 I found a mistake in the proposal, how do I get that fixed?
    4. 6.4 We proposed as a subaward, but are funded directly from DOE:  
    5. 6.5 How do we submit proposals to NETL?
    6. 6.6 How can I change the Related B&R code after the proposal is submitted to DOE?