Funding Proposals

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  1. 1 Budgets & Period of Performance
    1. 1.1 I copied a proposal and changed the beginning date, but the end date won't change correctly.
    2. 1.2 Budget Periods are Overlapping or the end date isn’t calculating correctly.
    3. 1.3 How do I change the end date on the Period of Performance?
  2. 2 Proposal Questions seem to be missing
  3. 3 Concerns about People
    1. 3.1 I can't find the people I need to add to my proposal.
    2. 3.2 The PI’s Research Division is incorrect on View 2 for the PI. 
    3. 3.3 How do I give a co-PI (or others) access to the proposal?
  4. 4 Other Proposal Data Fields
    1. 4.1 I can't upload an attachment to my proposal
    2. 4.2 Financial Conflict of Interest (COI):
  5. 5 Related B&R Codes
    1. 5.1 How do I know which B&R Code to select?
    2. 5.2 Can you add 400903070?
    3. 5.3 The Related B&R Code I need isn't on the list
    4. 5.4 I need more information, such as longer descriptions, about Related B&R Codes to help me make a selection
  6. 6 Problems with Activity Buttons
    1. 6.1 Create Document for Manual Submission
    2. 6.2 Science is Final
  7. 7 Routing & Approvals
    1. 7.1 How can I tell where my proposal is in the review and approval process?
    2. 7.2 How can I tell who received notifications from the system?
    3. 7.3 The Link in Approval Request Notification email doesn’t work.
    4. 7.4 How can I Approve a Proposal when I’m Out of the Office? 
    5. 7.5 The proposal notification went to the wrong Division Reviewer.
  8. 8 Mentor does not have the "Approve Fellowship for Division Review" activity
    1. 8.1 PI Approval of the Non-Competing Continuation does not go to the Division Reviewer
  9. 9 Special Proposal Types:
    1. 9.1 proposals
    2. 9.2 ESNet proposals should not have Homeland Security Burden - How do I fix this?
    3. 9.3 UC Discovery
  10. 10 Flow-Thru Proposal Scenarios
    1. 10.1 My M&O Integrated Contractor proposal is a flow thru.  How do I enter the Prime Sponsor?
    2. 10.2 Sometimes we "know" that the proposal we submit where we are a subaward will be funded directly to us by the prime agency.  How do we handle these?  
  11. 11 After the Proposal has been submitted
    1. 11.1 Change to “positive” answer on Financial Conflict of Interest (COI)
    2. 11.2 Add document to proposal after submission to sponsor
    3. 11.3 Update the Advance Information
    4. 11.4 How can I change the Related B&R code after the proposal is submitted?
  12. 12 Other Questions
    1. 12.1 I can't find the proposal I was working on 
    2. 12.2 CRF for IRB and IACUC
    3. 12.3 A proposal was created in error.  How do we discontinue or withdraw it?
    4. 12.4 Where can I find links between proposals and awards?
    5. 12.5 Can I 'Un-Discontinue' a proposal? 
    6. 12.6 Can I 'Un-Withdraw' a proposal? 
    7. 12.7 Can I 'Un-Reject' a proposal? 
    8. 12.8 The PI decided to submit to a later deadline.  How do I change this in eSRA?
    9. 12.9 When will the OLAW Number for Animal Assurances be updated to the new PHS numbering system?