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eSRA provides for electronic routing and approvals within Berkeley Lab.

This high-level workflow shows how various functional units interact with eSRA

  • PI's and RAs create proposals for submission and route to division for approval
  • Division reviews and approves
  • Then routes to Contracts Officers
    • Contracts Officers reviews and approves then routes to the Site Office and sends the proposal to the sponsor
    • Proposals submitted via Grants.gov can be submitted electronically directly from eSRA.  
  • eSRA also provides for routing to other internal departments for institutional review and approval
    • IRB, IACUC, RIIO, Homeland Security, NEPA/CEQA, Tech Transfer and Lab Counsel
    • Approvals are made and stored in eSRA
  • Contracts Officers and the sponsor negotiate outside of the eSRA system, although the Contracts Officer can store communications and documents with the proposals inside of eSRA to be generally available to the PI and other staff, or stored confidentially for Contracts Officers eyes only.  
  • When the sponsor makes an award, the Contracts Officer converts the proposal into an award in eSRA and gets DOE signature on IAGs, if necessary.  
  • When all award preparation is complete, eSRA feeds award information directly to FMS.  
  • Subsequent modifications to awards also update the FMS system.